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My Personal Portfolio

My name is Chirayu Rai, and I'm a computer science student attending California Polytechnic University of Pomona, expecting to graduate in May of 2024.

My Resume



Created a budget tracking app with real time updates on user transaction data for Software Engineering course


Created a reddit clone for Object Oriented class


Created a roommate recommending app using React for the frontend, MongoDB + Express and GraphQL for the backend, as well as Tensorflow for recommendation systems and Redis for caching

NBA Champion Prediction

Created a program that predicts the upcoming NBA Champion using sportsipy for data, as well as BalancedRandomForestClassifier for data cleaning/modelling

CPP NSU Website and Editor

Created a website using React and tailwindCSS, allow authorized users to edit the website by interacting with the database using GraphQL


Using Python, Steam API, Spotify API, Youtube API, This project allows a user to select a game from their steam library, and then redirects them to the spotify page of that games' soundtrack, as well as creating a playlist of music similar to the game selected.


I have the most experience in web development, including

  • Frontend

    React and
    vanilla Javascript

  • Back-end

    Creating APIs, using Kafka,
    using SQL and NOSQL

  • Servers

    Creating and managing

Innovating one project at a time